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By misha00
I am a lay-person interested in the neurochemistry of evil. I think that if
we created a huge databases of brain-penetrant molecules in the urine or
cerebrospinal fluid then we could see which molecules are way too high or too
low in the brain. Then we could find molecules to raise or lower the amount.
We could also see if the ratios of such molecules effect behavior. Just a
thought. I'm trying to get in touch with Professor Stone at Columbia who
researches neuroscience of evil.

My thinking, in other words, is that so called "neurodevelopmental disorders"
are actually greatly influenced by presence of compounds in the brain, which
means they could be potentially reversed by lowering or raising the
quantities of the molecules:

an example of anandamide in schizophrenia:

"Nevertheless, the new research helps elucidate the intricate complexities of
the brain�s natural cannabinoid system and how CBD may work to alleviate
symptoms of schizophrenia. Years ago, Piomelli and his colleagues discovered
that people with schizophrenia have elevated levels of anandamide � a
neurotransmitter that activates the same receptor activated by THC � in
their cerebrospinal fluid, suggesting that they also had higher levels of it
in the brain.

The difference was huge: anandamide levels were nine times higher in
schizophrenic people than in mentally healthy controls, Piomelli says.

The researchers theorized that these radically high levels would correlate
with hallucinations and delusions: the more anandamide bathing patients�
brains, the worse their disease would be. The thinking was, in essence, that
people with schizophrenia are constantly high on their own natural THC.

But what the researchers actually found was the opposite. �What you get is
not a positive correlation, but a negative one. The higher the levels of
anandamide, the lower the symptoms,� Piomelli says."

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