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By cvandermeer
I have the skills to make a webapplication but i don't have an idea what to make. I have been thinking about making a text based game but im not sure what it should be about. Do you guys have any ideas?
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By Uolevi Kattun
Making a game nowadays is rather hard as there is much competition.

It’s surprising how many ways only one sudoku solution can be varied:
Numbers are just symbols, so they can be changed in 9! = 362.880 ways.
3x9 horizontal and vertical blocks can be changed in 6x6 = 36 ways.
Long lines and columns in each 3x9 block can be changed in 6^6 = 46.656 ways.
So one sudoku can be varied in 362.880 x 36 x 46.656 =6,09x10^11 ways. They are all on the same difficulty level. If some sudoku feels to be good, it could be solved many times just mixing the solution.

Educational games
Gene technology is a rather interesting area. Basic science and methods should be correct, but the results could be entertaining at the beginning. Different monsters could be created combining various species. When we have more scientific knowledge, the results could be more realistic. Maybe also simulation games of evolution or universe.

Odd games
Small game makers could have a common multiverse. From one game a player could visit also other games. Gaming area could be endless. Or from each team one player is raffled to be a spy, who works for the opposite team. The odder the idea is, the more there is space in the market.

Some other apps, which I have not checked whether they are already generally known or not. Even if they already exist, there may be a possibility to make a better version:

Clothing application
This could be everything between a simple children’s virtual paper doll and a serious planning tool to adults. Complete dolls and clothes to beginners. Possibility to make own avatars from photos and pictures, even in 3d-form. Pictures from clothes and materials could be automatically fitted to clothes for own avatars. Instructions how to get dressed well-matched, how to design clothes etc.

Bicycle kiosk application
Near fixed kiosks and shops demand for drinks and other items is low. Whereas it can be high on places where people suddenly gather. From kiosk application people could see what items are sold and make an order. Seller patrols on the area and sees who wants to buy. Both see each other’s location on a map. The seller could also pick up the items from a local shop.

Customer application
Are there already applications to mobile phones to use different customer services? For example to search products in a shop, make an order while standing in a queue and drop the order to the cashier. One application working in all, even small shops, agencies, libraries and other service points.

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