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By pattmyson
This idea would apply to all CD's & DVD's. I love my music and nothing irritates me more than a "jumping" or "skipping" CD. The same goes for a great movie on DVD. A temporary solution is to create a protective film that covers the data surface of the CD & DVD. This film will be stuck onto the CD/DVD and stay on until it needs replacing due to wear & tear. Even when the CD/DVD is being accessed in a Hi-Fi or DVD player. The film will obviously be transparent and allow for the Hi-Fi or DVD players laser to still read the data on the disc. This will stop the CD/DVD getting scratched or damaged.

Reward: No more "skippin" or "jumping" CD's/DVD's
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By Steve
As far as I know, the skippiness is usually a "feature" rather than due to scratches, due to faulty anti-copy protection. Often it helps to burn a copy of the original CD - you can scratch the copy or toss it around, and the copy will still work better than the original. :-?

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