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By Blink
As a busy college student i opted not to get cable hooked up into my house when i moved in this past year. then i began to think wouldn't it be nice to be able to order what shows i want to watch and have them stored (like on a TiVo) when you would like to watch them. That way you don't pay for stations you don't want to watch like many channels on basic cable, but, if by chance there was a show on that channel you'd like to see you could just order it and voila!

whaddya think?
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By Steve
I think it was off-topic in that particular thread, so I moved it over here. ;-)
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By Michael D. Grissom
After deleting all the infomercial, sports, and cooking channels (things I don't watch) from my basic cable package I ended up with only 6 channels remaining. The old rabbit-ears give me 9 channels for free so I dropped the cable service.

In both cases I use the TV Guide to select and enter everything I want to watch into the VCR recording schedule for viewing later. They even have VCR's that will flag the commercials so that you can skip over them. Why wouldn't this work for you?

As for being able to select not only WHAT you want to watch but WHEN you want to watch it (on demand -- without recording), that's what 'digital' cable is doing now according to their latest ads.

BTW... I'm old enough to remember when cable TV was invented and marketed as a way to eliminate all those commercials and that's exactly how it started out -- NO COMMERCIALS! Then, after everyone bought into it, a small ad was posted in the news paper stating that cable customers should NOT be alarmed by some new commercials to be aired because it was purely "experimental" and for a limited time only. I'll never forget that ad! NOW we're being slammed with more than twice as many commercials as we were BEFORE cable TV was invented. This is why TIVO and the like were invented.

With as many commercials as they are throwing at us now, cable TV should be absolutely FREE! I'm sticking with rabbit-ears and rented movies as a personal protest.

Oops... sorry, got off topic a bit.

;-D :~(

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