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By MattMac
I’m trying to interview some of the richest people in the world so I can figure out what they have in common and eventually write a book specifically directed at the start up phase of their businesses.

So far I have a few ideas in mind for the book, but I want to make it different then every other business book out their. Something outside the box…

The main theme will be focused on business success, but I want to present it in a new way... One thing I had in mind was to create an actual character modeled after Bill Gates, Michael Dell and other very successful business people we all know about. This fictional character will go through tough times opening his own fictional business and will eventually overcome them. (it wont be a story-like book, I’ll just use the character as an example)

Also, what questions should I ask?

Give me all the ideas you can please!!!
By ashtoo
Great Idea!
I wish business books at college could be like that.
They are so boring, they dont arouse my curiosity at all.
Good luck with this interview.

I have no idea what you should ask him.
You should know what you're looking for. It's your book.
Maybe ask him where the credit for MS's success should go.

Try also to insert some personal, maybe improvised, questions (not too personal!) related to your discussion, iow try to get to know Mr. Gates.
Personal stories, although not useful business-wise, will make your book more captivating.

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