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By asia.reder
Last days I found in google a guy who is selling places on the moon. I started to looking for information if it's legal, and if really that part of the moon will be mine when I pay 100$. When I was digging deeper and deeper I found info about another guy, who is selling stars, planets, black holes, and everything from the Universe!
Okay - sounds crazy, but on his website (Kingdom of Universe) is written, that it's 100% legal, you will receive every important documents. How he became owner of Universe? According to some old law which says that "if sth belongs to nobody, you can own it when you say it's yours".

Do you have some other ideas, what is aroud us, belongs to nobody and we can start to sell it? Air? Hell and heaven?
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By Steve
Why not sell the minds of those who sell the moon and the stars? Or of those who buy them? They've all clearly lost it, so if you find it, I'm sure it's legal to make a quick buck. :-?

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