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Appendix Transplant, could it really work?

PostPosted:Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:52 pm
by Caters
My Kepler Bb humanoids(which are a species I made to essentially be Human Version 2.0), have an appendix that actually helps with digestion.

Their appendix is much longer than the average human appendix(I say average because I have heard of people having an actual 1 foot long appendix inside them) and it digests cellulose into simple sugars as well as stores good bacteria when they are ill.

Because of this, if a Kepler Bb humanoid gets appendicitis, appendectomy is not the go-to treatment unless the appendix is ruptured. Appendix drainage via colonoscopy, IV antibiotics, and simply letting the immune system fight against it are all preferred over appendectomy depending on the cause, severity, and duration of the appendicitis unless the appendix is ruptured.

But I posted on a different forum about alternative treatments for appendicitis and the 1 and only alternative treatment someone actually replied to me with is appendix transplant.

The reason I got this appendix transplant reply is because I mentioned the importance of their appendix in digestion.

So I thought about it and I was thinking "Wait, this means everyone would get an appendectomy if they had appendicitis which is the same as it is here in the US. And how long would it take to grow a new appendix and then transplant it?"

The appendix transplant procedure is basically this:

  1. Appendectomy to get rid of inflamed appendix
  2. Cut an alive section of the inflamed appendix(preferably where there is the least inflammation)
  3. Grow a new appendix from this part of the old appendix
  4. Attach this new appendix to the area where the old appendix was

But there are problems I see with this.

For one, internal scar tissue from the appendectomy could prevent the new appendix from doing its job. If it does, then not only does the humanoid have to eat more food for the same amount of energy but then this new appendix would get inflamed and appendectomy would have to be done. Getting an appendix transplant just to get appendicitis soon after is a problem and probably 1 of the worst problems.

And what about the mesoappendix(the part of the mesentery that keeps the base of the appendix in place)? That has to be separated from the appendix for an appendectomy but how would you go about reattaching the mesoappendix?

And what about the appendicular arteries and veins(the blood supply to the appendix)?

But the biggest flaw I see here is that when the population gets high enough, the doctors might not be able to tell who gets what appendix and an error here could mean serious problems for the patients(and not just appendicitis).

So could an appendix transplant really work, assuming that there are people dedicated to growing organs for transplantation and that an appendix can actually be grown?