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By mnoor
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Save Our Souls!

The Sun sent message to its Rays:

"Oh my Rays!
Since long you are exerting, in exile, in the gloomy atmospheres of the lowly, vile and ever- changing world yet unkindness of the Era is adding up. Its not easy shinning over sand particles nor I find any comfort to you roaming about there like morning breeze even."

There is an outcry from the Rays in reply:
"Oh Sun!
Though 'The West' has gained access to the secrets of light and they know well importance of light in their lives yet their skies are all covered by the heavy smoke rising from their huge complexes, busy in pilling up heaps of ammunition and WMDs. Sitting over these heaps of arms, planning eternal peace for themselves at the cost of lives of poor nations, the Rulers of the west are un-slept. Further misusing God-gifted intellect & asserting their own 'New World Order' (against God's World Order) they dream reining the world and as such they ruin it per will. Though sensibly they walk on Earth yet don't see the signs of many a tyrant pharaohs gone earlier to them!

From the recent past, in the name of their own security (terrified in fact of their own sinning acts), under the cloak of a self-derived, self-defined term 'Terrorism' these over-weening and self-acclaimed reformers of the world are casting their forces in a battle against hidden warriors. Doing so they have turned the entire globe into a battlefield making republics feel unsafe and uneasy pushing the world to a war of civilizations knowing no winner, no end.

The story doesn't end here. Whims weigh on a whimsy hypothesis; Oh donnie Nations got WMDs! The bewailing blessed with adorned media's silly drum beat (spending Billions of Dollars which if spent on the welfare of humanity would have changed the fate of entire globe) profits them the so-called dangerous pre-emptive strike right. This comes as another tool in their dirty hands to whom killing a million lives (rendering millions injured crying on roads, "Save Our Souls!") means merely a test of their new lot of arms.

Yet a darker rib (beyond their own estimates even) surfaces; Following them, the other Teddy Rulers of the world have also started putting lame excuses and girding up their loins against the neighbors in their armpits, harassing them trying their arms.

We feel shy saying further Oh Sun! Covering their moral skies, there is another virtual gloom. Meeting their lecherous ends, the youth there is misusing the fair sex dethroning her of her virtuous status as sister/daughter. She also seems to be happy with the lewdness accepting it as her fate, forgetting perhaps the examplary chastity of The Holy Mary.

We are really ashamed peeping down their Walled-n-Web which is all a representation of ruinous and nudity. Tired of sexual acts seemingly they are now consoling their eyes by nudes all around letting no moment go waste. Still a more dangerous situation is that their relished even finds no topic to express but ruinous and nudity, yet another alarming indicator of a social disorder of the society.

And what a marvelous progress in manhood development! Their forefather claimed being Monkey's Spouse while their present lot claims achieving Donkey's peculiarities. Over joyed of their superb inventions in drugs and articles (meant for enlarging men's private parts) they are adding round the clock spam e-messages instigating men on developing their private parts like donkey's, emotionalizing innocent youngsters and discomforting elders, the world over.

Don't ask us about 'The East', Oh Sun! Though not immune to the joy of sighting, this part of the world is silent like Lahoot (the world beyond time and space). Poor here is not free from following bread while their foolish Elite class is wasting God-gifted treasures conspiring with and calling their western Lords to fire their own populace to cover their own sins.

To cut short, Oh Sun! Despite of our vary endeavors the world is unlit. We confess that we failed piercing such a heavy gloom caused by sinners."

"Despite your utmost efforts to achieve your mission you could not prove to be affective 'Ambassadors', Oh my Rays!" The Sun said, "Better come 'back home' and be absorbed in my heart, the origin of brilliance, leaving the rough and ruin of the querulous cruel world to its fate."

Portrait Technical Info:

(H x W): 32" X 44" Year: 2003 Genre: Mysticism Style: Symbolism Technique: Oil On Canvas

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