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By alj8982
When you're laying out by the pool or on the beach - every time you get up from your chair, your towel falls down. Isn't there some type of contraption that could keep your towel fastened to the chair? And make it able to apply to all types of chairs?
By Rishi
There is an innoccuous invention called the safety pin. The baby version of this comes in large sizes embellished with cuddly bears and whatnot , which is not inappropriate on the beach. If one folds the edge of the towel over the top of the chair and fastens the ends to the side edges of the towel it should not follow the sitter whenever he/she leaves the chair.

If it is a canvas chair one can pin the towel to the canvas itself, which will foil any passing gust from making away with the towel.
There is a small risk of the safety pin opening and sticking the sitter in some sensitive spot.


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