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This successful business started from a post here in the CreativityPool!!! While illustrating the "Alarm Bed" idea which someone posted here, it evolved into a cartoon illustration which I attached to that thread in a reply.

Inventors' Digest magazine ( ) saw the cartoon and thought it would "make a great addition" to their new magazine format. By that time I had created two more silly invention cartoons and coined the series name as "We'll Make Millions!!!".

While I was trying to decide what to charge for the cartoons, it occurred to me that I already have "invention sponsor" ads on objects throughout the cartoons (click on thumbnail attached here to see exploded view) to make it even 'sillier'.

It only took a few phone calls and emails to find out that these companies would pay for their ad spots on these cartoons. This would make my cartoons ROYALTY FREE to anyone who wants to publish them. AND... because all ads MUST be theme relative to the cartoons, they just might be emailed from inventor to inventor, for example, throughout the world to be posted on walls and monitors as a quick reminder of all their favorite invention sites -- SPAM FREE!!!

I then bought the url (under construction) that will allow a running bid on any ad spots on all future cartoons to be published. This is now looking like an exciting and profitable business startup and it all started here in the CreativityPool!!!

If all this does succeed in being profitable then I'll channel some of the proceeds to CP's founder Steve to help fund this site (where I get most of my ideas for the cartoons). SO... PLEASE!!!... if you go to any of the invention web sites in this cartoon, please tell them that you found them HERE on a cartoon in the CreativityPool. Thanks!!!

Note: If you're not used to seeing TV news reports of tornado strikes then you probably won't understand this cartoon. Here in the US where tornados are currently raging, TV news crews always head for the nearest flattened trailer home park to sensationalize the mass destruction because they're so easily destroyed. This leads most TV viewers (including the inventor in this cartoon) to believe that tornados are extremely attracted to mobile home communities -- nuff said.

Note2: I research thoroughly to insure that NONE are invention scams!!! You will always see my cartoons here first, before publication, so if you ever see any that YOU think might be a scam, please email the details to me so that I can research them further. It is imperative that these toons remain 100% scam free.

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