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By ActorLawyer19
Hi. I have a brilliant idea for our prison systems.
Our prisons now are being funded by our tax dollars. YOUR money is going toward the housing, feeding, and T. V. priviledges of convicts.
This is what needs to happen.
Prisoners need to work 8 hour a day shifts in food manufacturing.
The prisoners will process non-perishable items to send to third-world countries.
Farmers from all over the globe can send their food surplus as a donation to this organization of prison labor.
The prisoners will process the food.
The money that YOU used to pay the government to house and pay for the upkeep of prisoners will go toward education, teacher salaries, textbooks, new schools, new roads, and medical research.
That is where it is supposed to go.
This is obvious.
The prisoners will be doing a service to their world instead of sitting in a jail cell all day.
They will be doing something for society.
The prisoners will know what is like to do a service.
They will be put to good use.
The world will benefit.
Starving children will benefit.
YOUR tax dollars will go in the right place, serving you and YOUR community, instead of paying to house convicts.

Please respond to this and let me know how you think this idea can be improved.
Together we can and we will make this world a better place.

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