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By gxelan
i do not know if this idea is already there in the market....but there have been a lot of people in my country that does not sleep well enough. I would like to ask if there is this bed that is in the market that allows people to sleep soundly and wake them up after a period of time. I do not know if i have posted in the right section of the forum. But please can someone tell me does such invention exist? if it does, where can i find them ? I hope u can direct me to a website that shows the invention. Thanks !
By shankitr
dear gxelan,
I do not know if such a bed exists, but what has impressed me is your concern for your people. Why not approach bed makers with this idea??? sure there wud be someone to take it up. why not yourself fabricate such a bed ?? plz work on it and am sure there wud be many takers for sound sleep is one many long for. TRy to patent this idea too!!!!!!

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