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By shankitr
The being up there created the world and played god.hasnt the time arrived for us, the mortals, to play god . Create an alternate world, where every thing is electronic! e-Trees, e-Pollens, e- Butterlies n birds, e- climate, e- soil,e-man,e-wisdom , e- mating and the list is never ending. let life be given shape in the new autonomous alternate world. Let man bestow upon it the power to evolve on its own.Let us remain elusive to this new alternate world and play god!!!!!

Reward: e-religion in my name "shankism"
By treadair
You could create a real-world version of this game. Just create an ant farm and continue to put environmental or other stresses on it. Kill off any that don't pass the 1st test, let the remainders mate, kill of any that don't pass the 2nd test, let the remainders mate, etc... You'll gradually be making the species smarter and smarter. When they get smart enough to talk you can tell them to address their prayers to you. P.S. When you're looking for evidence of communcation coming from them you might want to look for the possibility of scents being produced and then waved in the air like semaphore. The ant being spoken to would trace the pattern with their antenae to decipher this sign language.

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