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By AaronBurns
Fiber Optic hair weaves. Fried noodles. Spider web clothing. Books in TV form. B.O. Flavored Jelly Beans (Have Recipe). Flint tipped bullets for spark return. Full light spectrum Cameras for details in all light ranges. Salad dressing toppings for potatoes. Brown sugar suckers.Soy buns for Atkins diet burgers. DNA atered plaque to eat regular tooth plaque. Edible roses for special occasions. HIV wipes for use after sitting down on public toilets. Napalm fueled Indy cars (That one was a joke). Restaurant foods sold at the grocery store. Body Wash Soap that goes on like tooth paste. Tooth paste and mouthwash in liquid form spray bottle. Electro magnetic Bowl with floating magnetic ball bearing in center. Large cheesey crackers for cheese in a can. Talking insult software. Fake keyboard that creats fake Windows that can plug and play. Where's Waldo where there's no other humans so he's easy to find.

Reward: Credit for any of them.
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By icingbase40
cool man. u r thinking very differently.
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