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By AaronBurns
Studying any instrument takes years of practice to master but, all music is synthesized in today's World anyway.
We can play anyone of them in an instant with no training at all.
I propose that we use our typing skills to play any instrument since most all people all ready know how to type. Which makes them instant perfect players of all instruments.
We can use all the keys on the computer keyboard to play the Musical Instrument of our choice.

Reward: Credit
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By Xxistent
No offense, but I would hate that.
I've been playing the saxophone for 5 years, and piano for 8. And it's not really fair that people could be able to be perfect players instantly when people like me had to work hard for years to become skilled. It's like cheating, and I don't really like it.
Half the fun of learning an instrument is the years of practice anyway, skipping the essential steps of learning would really take the fun out of it.

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