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By mking
We have all seen the funny comercials by Budweiser, and we all know of the low carb war that is going on between brewers these days, especially between Michelob and Miller Lite. My funny commercial idea is this.

Man shown camping in the woods with beautiful wife. It's Dark and man has to go #2 before bedding down.

Man grabs his bottle of beer that is covered with a zipper up bottle cooler that says miller lite on it.

Man makes it to a confortable spot to take care of business.

It's a moon lit night with sounds of crickets, wild animals in background.

Man finishes business and realizes he remembered the important thing, like "Beer", but forgot the T.P.

As wild animals in the background appear to be sniffing out an unusual oder and getting closer. Man makes a quick decision.

Man strips his bottle of beer of the Miller lite zipper cooler and uses it to quickly wipe, when done wiping he throws the Miller lite bottle cooler into a tree and hurrys out of the woods displaying his bottle of michelob.

Reward: Free Beer

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