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By pretzels
A muffin fan is the kind of fan that is in your computer power supply and perhaps there are one or two mounted on your computer case also, not to mention in all kinds of other electronic gear. Traditional muffin fan technology is such that they cannot be disassembled without destroying them. This is good for muffin fan sales and that is probably why this idea will never come to be. But just imagine if you will, a muffin fan that comes apart and could be cleaned and re-assembled. Most, if not all, muffin fan failures are due to a build-up of dust and crud that floats in the air. The dust accumulates and causes the fan to become gummed up. The low power motor can no longer turn the blade (actually, the blade is an integral part of the motor). If you try to clean it using even the most exotic solvents, it just doesn't work and you have to buy a new one. I propose a muffin fan that comes apart and is cleanable. It would be easy to do but it would mean that muffin fan manufacturers would sell fewer fans and would have to raise the price. Actually, the price of muffin fans has dropped dramatically in the last ten (or more) years. I bought one ten years ago for $22 and I bought one today (same size) for $13. If they were cleanable it would be worth $22 today. ;-D

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