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By Matthew
Its no lie that governemnt has always been run by the rich and they have always looked out for themselves. Well why not have a third house to the Congress called the Dailies or Normals these would be normal old joes who would review the laws that are proposed in the Senate and H.of R. and have the power to look out for the common man their neighbors. Their would be two representatives from each state and they will picked by citizens of the state their will be a forum for the people who want to run for a seat in the House of Dailies to present their ideas and say who they are, there is no commercials campaigning if you want to run for Dailies or print and so on the only chance you get is at the forum. But their will be a rash of candidates not just TWO but at least 30. AND NO SUITS ARE ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE OF DAILIES.


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