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By martin
If Good citizens identify themselves 24/7 crime disappears.

- Crime is only possible if criminals are indistinguishable.
- All that is required is to make them visible all the time.
- If Good citizens identify themselves 24/7 crime disappears

Identification is by personal choice only. A secure web registration with photo, corroborated fingerprint, dna and cell phone - available for search only to the police. Tracking is visually by high visibility serial number badge (with rfid), daily journey route plan in web, cell phone & text tracking. For high risk scenarios a destination can be entered and eta. Persons in high risk locations not identified by badge are suspicious to police, other citizens and surveillance cameras. Citizens having photo cell phones can send photos of suspicious events for handling by the authorities liaison staff and database recording. The pattern of crime and individuals involved are soon obvious with the community immunity of 99% "people police" If a criminal registers, thats fine - all the easier to catch him with.

There are certain regulations with joining. That you (anonymously) identify all suspicious events by text, web or phone. You never cover your face (no hoods, scarves etc). You always wear your badge in high risk areas.

Intelligence is input into the web by citizens on incident times and locations, these are highlighted as warnings to you when you enter you daily route.

A more extreme extension of this scheme allows informing on all suspicious persons. No one got be of criminal age without many hundreds of people coming into contact with their behaviour.

For crime to succeed all that is required is for good men to do nothing.

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