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By SP44
In Europe pedals with functional conditions will be tested by protection on the pedal way and introduce them in the serial production. Besides there are examinations in regrad of accidents caused by blocked pedals of vehicles, machines and planes. As there are no studies or statistics in the past, I will clarify it now. The letters of the German police don't mention these accident causes, because they are only shown under "Others" and not in the statistics. Because of the protection of the users, it is necessary to introduce laws etc. to have the possibility to change this.
> Many pedals in vehicles and machines are part of a job, wich makes it necessary to change the laws. To see directly the problems of the accident causes, I ask Law firms and institues in the whole world. If you have some information, cases or judgements for me in regard of accident caused by blocked pedals in vehicles, machines or planes because of things, please let me know.
> I have a patent with suggestions to make it better. The patentno. are DE 196 31 944. This is a proffesional solution for a pedalwayprotection!
Please let me know addresses of persons from Law, science and economy, if possible, who work with these problems. The people from Ford and GM know my suggestion since any time, more than two years!! Also the germans!!!!
> The GDV ( Union of german insurances) maked last year a poll with 5000 Truckdrivers. The result you can find at .
> Thank you very much in advance for your efforts and your interest.
> Also look at , to this problems and other interesting proposals!Pictures of Pedals new Typus you can see at ; 2.jpg ; 3.jpg !!
Also i ask you. Do you believe a driver would be safer with a protected pedal (brake and gas). In other words, protecting the pedal from being blocked by xxobjects such as bottles, toys, etc.?
> Thanks for your help and best regards,
> Uwe Karl Lommack
Frielinger Str.30
31535 Neustadt
> Germany

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