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By Sean
Most computers in business environments now days only use at most ten gigabytes of storage locally. This leaves 50-70 gigabytes of storage unused per pc and in a enterprise consisting of 1000 computers or more that is 50-70 terabytes of unused storage. I am trying to write a client piece of software to create a virtual hard disk image file on a pc and also alow unused cpu time to be utilized and then a server software that alows me to pool and manage the clients as large pool of storage. Since there are possible network problems the filesystem will have to be redundant as well as the storage on the pc's also when a pc is off another will have to pick up where the original left off and then sync disk changes when pc is availible again this will require a raid system of some sort and cannot be used as high avilability storage but would be useful for large snapshots during backups or as distributed computing storage I know that distributed computing clients exist but not the distributed storage.

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