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By rabuc
I propose the US government institute a "Manhattan style project" much like the nuclear program of World War 2 era. THIS PROJECT'S MISSION - COME UP WITH A PLAN TO MAKE THE USA ENERGY SELF-SUFFICIENT!
Gather 50 of the world's brightest scientists/engineers, throw them in a rubber room and don't let them come out until there is a plan to make the USA reliant on NO other country for it's energy needs.
This will help make the world a safer place. Without a doubt, beginning in the 1970s this country should have seen the writing on the wall beginning with the long gas lines when OPEC cutoff oil to this country. Has this country done anything about it? No! Instead we become more reliant on foreign energy sources.
By salamnder
I like this idea, I have a great hydrogen idea which will help but I need a scientist to tell me if it is possible.


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