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By cooloften
Make sure that there is enough for every child. Then we can be sure that there is enough for every adult. A child's future right to food, shelter and education is infinitely more important than its parents' immediate right, need or desire to reproduce. Legal requirement of a predetermined money deposit for marriage could be used as a safety measure to ensure financial security for the child to be born. This would make it more likely that children live in sanitary conditions, are less likely to go hungry and shelter less and would have access to quality education and information. He or she will be more likely to attain success and develop into a useful citizen.

When there is enough for everyone, the government will not have to provide cheap transport, subsidized goods, free education and free healthcare. Money saved in this manner could be used to improve infrastructure and enforce law and order.

By the same token, more people will be able to afford environmentally friendly resources and technologies. We can then continue our progress without causing a threat to our own survival or to the survival of other species.

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By zik
Children are the future of our world!

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