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By Incubusaddict
Learned scientist have always said things come with opposites, like male/female, godd/evil, *beep*/straight(jk). But if there is matter, there is non-matter. Non-matter would techniqlly not have mass and not take up space, so would this be our thoughts? I believe people study "antimatter" at C.E.R.N., but they claim antimatter is something that comes from matter(using a particle accelerator to collide electrons togther after running through a certain stationary matter search on google to find more) after making the electrons collide though, the "antimatter" "annhilated" because it came in contact with matter. But if antimatter was made from matter wouldnt that give it properties we use to establish what matter is? maybe this antimatter is just an unstable man made element...I would figure antimatter would be something that doesnt take up space and doesnt have mass etc. etc. wouldnt that be logical?

Reward: This isnt really an invention...

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