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By crabzrock
Okae... this invention would either be
1) a battery powered massager put in a backpack(that fits its size) and can massage your back on the go with a switch that turns massager on and off.

2)a backpack that is lined with squishy balls at the part where it touches your back. When you move, the books and stuff in your backpack would exert force on the balls(because your backpack poves up and down, side to side) and thus, massage your back. I am DOOMED!!! I desperately need to invent something for a science project, and these do not seem such good ideas. Please PLESAE please give me advice, suggestions, comments on which design would better, and the problems I would have, and anything else you want to add. Thank you Soooooooo much!!!

Reward: The sense of accomplishment from helping a helpless little girl with her science project.

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