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I have found this website in ODE Magazine (yeah!), glad you are here, and I am here to present my personal need, really, up front:
Ok, it seems there may be room to put forward my personal situation for collaborative input/feedback. I am seeking resolution for my life experience as it stands at this moment, in the area that I think most take for granted, when "normal" supports are present and accessible in one's personal life; i.e., family, friends, community connection/reputation. Here is my scenario: I am currently stuck in economic limitations without a decent line of personal credit ( as resource), in a life that I have alot to show for, but that no one seems to know what to do with...I put that last descriptor in the context that fits reasonable economic accessibilty. I have lived an extended number of years with profound focus on building a healthy life and family, hence NOT building healthy more external relationships that can/would support me/us. Life has made it clear that I am now to that point. I am educated, unemployed, my family (of one other person) is a great mirror of the time I have invested in us both (including individual virtue!) I would like to step into meaningful employment that would mirror all the quality preparation that these hardworking, private years reveal and show for potential in the marketplace. I have a passionate background in the visual arts, in healthy food preparation and as it applies to nutrition as personal health maintenance, in body awareness attention and movement, healing modalities of old (yoga, for example), in research on women in the arts (in particular) This is my area of concentration for which I earned my undergraduate degree. Currently I would like to choose (financially) to become certified as a yoga teacher and to access a particular yoga teaching certification program. This interim goal is connected to an eventual pursuit of a masters degree in Somatic Psychology, where I see myself in a life career that holds a harmonious intersection with yoga, body-centered psychology, nutrition, and my art! I see it!
Without friends; a community of like-minded support, I believe I have gone as far as I can in a state of isolated focus on well being skillfulness. I am ready for the natural progression of mutually supportive, healthy relationships beyond my two-personal family. I have also, put in alot of time over the past two years, since college graduation, seeking these answers and supports in my current community. I seem to keep coming up empty-handed as far as answers or employment are concerned. It really would suit me to leave the environment that I have done all of this needed preliminary self and family well being work in, because that is what this area has been perfect for. Focusing on self and healing deep needs. Definitely not a plentiful employment market. At the risk of sounding like that is the word or theme to jump on (reactionarily), "need," I put my challenge forward for constructive (and more public) consideration, problem-solving, and resolution, in good faith that the general environment of love does in fact exist in the world at large, and that there are those willing to pioneer this individually defined set of experiences with me. My goal is to carry what I have learned and experienced as personal well being work forward to explore, share, & teach, with those who may have this hunger present in their own life experiences, and who yearn deeply and sincerely for clarity and reasonable personal liberty. I hope you will not think me sentimental beyond grounded reason, about my request for meaningful support. Constructive interaction can thrive more holistically with an objective focus on intent. Yes?!

In much advance appreciation for the process of healthy living in a very community-centered way,


Reward: The rich personal and shared reward in collaborating here, is a no brainer for, those available to rise to the substance in this challenge. Yes?!

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