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By Curlylox
I want to implement a clocking in system which separates specific tasks which pay at different rates for part time staff.

What I want is to clock them in and out for each specific task they do, so for instance, if they attend site to fix a printer, I want to be able to log them in and out via a card reader, pin reader or proximity reader or another automatic means and also have them input a number specific to this task, in this instance they would input 1. If they attended site for a meeting then I want to clock them in and out but this time the task code would be 2 so that I can distinguish the different types of task the emplyees are undertaking and how long they are on-site performing it.

This information has to be collated on a PC and be able to interrogated by use of Excel so that certain parts can be sent to payroll for salary processing.

I want the system to be easy and cheap, however I suspect it could actually be quite complex.

My initital thought would be to have a pin reader. when the employee reaches site they put in their personal PIN along with a number specific to the task they are at site to perform. When they leave the site they would follow the same process and the information would be recorded on a PC.

The problems start arising when, the employee forgets to log out, and then worse if they come back to site for a second task having forgotten to previously log out and this is recorded as the end of the first task. I think having the internal card reader release the door once the code is input would be a solution to this, however there are likely to be multiple people attending and leaving site together and tailgating is a distinct possibility.

Does anyone know if a proprietry card reader system could be manipulated to perform these tasks ? Or any brainy buggers out there that could provide any ideas to help me along my way.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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