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By idea maker
I have an idea to help seniors as the population ages and the baby-boomers start to retire. How about a service that helps seniors who are losing mobility stay independent and keep living in their own homes. Ther service would run errands, such as grocery shopping, banking, mail, any errands that may need done. It would also act as a personal shuttle service with a handicap accessible van or small bus, taking seniors to rehab appointments, doctor checkups, barber shops, etc. There would be monthly charges for these regularly scheduled activities, and surcharges for anything above an beyond. Other revenue could be generated through ads placed in a monthly newsletter distributed to all clients. It would have articles similar to guidepost, entertainment section, and any and every event (church spaghetti dinners, local sports events, plays, musicals) that seniors would possibly be interested in. Businesses would pay to place ads in this newletter. All in all, its a service and a publication designed to keep seniors independent and informed of what's going on around them.

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