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By jew6988
I have a new Idea that would revolutionize todays worry about seatbelts not being worn. Yea I know it's a controversial issue, and how much people don't like wearing their seatbelts. I admit, I don't wear my seatbelt, and I hate wearing seatbelts. However, my concept is a sensor inside the buckle. Your car will not start unless the seatbelt is buckled in, and if you are to unbuckle it the car will automatically shut down. The seatbelt itself will have two sensors, one on the lap belt and one on the shoulder belt that detect body heat, so that the seatbelt cannot be buckled in and sat on top of. I would love to hear your feed back.
By Rishi
Good idea. It may be easier to sense the spool tension which will be higher when the belt is around a person than when just buckled.


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