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By nydave
Hey, yes I am new to the forum and this seems like a strange request for ideas but let me explain. I've been my own inventor for quite some time now but I have yet to patent or sell anything. Ive been trying to come up with ideas I can contribute to the forum but it is a slow process and I have $0 in capital as I am an engineering student. Since I am taking next semester off due to financial reasons, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on services or some type of work for myself project/ job that I can jump into for a few months until I get some $ to start tinkering with inventions and go back to school. I was hoping I could come up with an idea that invoolved my car (as I LOVE to drive all the time). I also have my brother who is out of work also who owns a landscape trailer and truck. Any ideas would be very much appreciated to get me back up on my feet again. Thanks!

Reward: Whoever posts gets personal satisfaction and a thank you.

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