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By Tobar68
OK - I am not a professional web builder or anything but I thought this was a GREAT idea for the home. I would like a portable screen and keyboard/mouse for my computer - so that I can use it anywhere in the home and not be tied to a desk. I like games and web design and most laptops are too expensive or not enough juice to run the programs I need and hold a bunch of graphics. That way I could have my tower/printer anywhere in the house but I could work portable from any area of my choosing. This idea came to me because my sister and I both have kids and she is going to school online. She got a laptop and says she enjoys the freedom to hide from the kids and do school work but it does lack in some power for games because of its portability. So I was thinking if you need more power maybe there was a way they could make most of the computer portable except the tower so you could keep your RAM and have freedom of movement - in your house at least.

By tree
I like your idea, but as a stopgap measeure, you might try my idea for a laptop mouseboard, under the topic, laptop mouseboard. Smiles-Tree

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