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By Alex Hine
The normal order in the world is upset through revolution, however English political expression is like a four legged table having two adjacent legs removed and the table remains static ignoring the usual law of gravity.

The gravity of this situation is the act of devolution of the Kingdom. Scotland has devolved to its own Government and therefore is a country. Wales has partially devolved to a national assemly. Northern Ireland has its own Assembly. Ireland itself devolved from the British Union in the late 1930's. The only country in the Union not to have its own government is England. Other than some African countries, England is the only major western economy not to have its own representative government. England is in fact run by foreigners who comprise of advocats of the British System which ran institutions like the Empire, Comonwealth and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom, listed on the data menu on many a web site for countries is no longer a country. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England are countries. With England having no government of its own.

Now there's a funny thing!

somebody needs to reinvent England as a country.
By dmacdonald95
Or the British Empire can tighten it's grip on these 'countries' and return them to their former roles as Provinces.

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