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By Brando
Good day to all, I found this site while looking for information on objective lens' and diffusing laser light. I hope that the minds on this forum can assist in what may be a simple solution to my dilemma.

I would like to do the following... Use a common laser pointer or other high intensity light source, perhaps a high intensity led to project simple images and more specifically words (legible) onto surfaces at a fair distance. A scaled down version of the "advertising on clouds" idea I saw in my initial search of the site.

Initially I wanted to use a laser pointer thinking that the intensity would be best, focusing it through a clear disk that would have a negative of the word or image I wanted to project printed on it with an opaque ink creating an illuminated word on the surface it shines on. Being that a laser beam is so narrow, what could I use to diffuse the laser through the disk, but have it maintain intensity?

One key to this idea is that the unit would be small, self contained and portable, I.E battery powered.

Does anyone have thoughts on how to accomplish this in general?

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