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By 'The One'
Life and the universe are all about balance and opposites.

The colours of the rainbow make up what we call light. The universe is constantly reborn over and over again, either exactly the same as it is each time or possibly different each time, changing the variation of its colours each time it is reborn.

Here is my theory of the processes involving the universe, and my predictions of what may happen in our universe. There is the beginning of the universe, which could be the ‘big bang’ or just a very slow start by having things multiply and slowly spread out away from each other, from one particle. Then, after the beginning, the particles of matter (and anti-matter) spread out and different particles attracted to each other (positive), other particles did nothing (neutral), and others did the opposite by moving away from other particles (negative). So, from the very beginning there have been three different types of matter and anti-matter, the two opposites (positive and negative), and the type that decides either to stay out of the way of the two or to intervene, prevent and stop the two opposites from ‘fighting’ each other (neutral).

Theory 1. The beginning of the universe is quick, and then throughout the course of time, the speed of the universe will gradually slow down towards the middle until it completely stops in the middle. It will either finish here or it will start moving again, heading either to the end of the line, speeding up as it gets nearer the end, or it will come back the way it came until it reaches the starting point again. The universe repeats this cycle.

Theory 2. The beginning of the universe is quick, and then throughout the course of time, it will slow down at the end of the line of its growth and completely stop. Then, it should slowly start moving again and start to build up speed then start slowing down again until it arrives right back where it started at the very beginning. I’d say that its current position is near to the middle, in the first half of its journey.

There are many implications in this world to prove that one of these theories is true. For example, intercourse and any story in the world. – Any story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, especially the story of the universe.

I would say that I’m currently in the first quarter of my life.

The shape of the universe is, as I’ve said, a sphere. The universe itself mimics the shape and form of a particle (containing electrons, neutrons, protons and a nucleus, etc.) and so there is an implication that apart from there being loads of little particles in our universe, our universe itself could be just one little particle itself inside an even bigger, massive world outside our universe.

The universe is a black, empty, sphere. If it is not this then it is endless three-dimensional space which has no shape and which contains matter & anti-matter. There could be a ‘fourth dimension’.

Before and after you are alive, you do not know anything because you do not think anything in these statuses. In these statuses, you think nothing, just nothing, as if asleep. It is a resting time for your ‘soul’. We know this because we only need to think of the place between fantasy and reality, this world and the next. What is there? – Nothing.

Life as a human is the last of lives your ‘soul’ lives through after living as other animals, moving up the food chain. Since you do not think anything before and after you are alive, you must enjoy and fulfil yourself as a human being while you are alive. Before and after your life, you are particles of matter and/or anti-matter floating somewhere in the world. The particles find purpose to fulfil themselves by making contact with other particles to create combinations to form something or just affect something in the universe.

One day, if nothing is thought to deeply about all of this (and possibly if this never gets publicly known), everything and everyone will be ‘perfectly’ balanced and medium until the universe either moves back the way it came from (to possibly be reborn) or until it moves closer and closer to the edge of nowhere – the end of itself.

The only thing to do is wait and let the natural course of time pass as we live our lives, doing what we feel is right. Everyone and everything will evolve over time.

I can see it all coming.

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