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By scifidude
I had this idea back around 1982 and before I knew much of anything about computers. Basically I was just visualizing modern man wearing a computer. I thought of using something like a bicycle helmet to hold a computer monitor with lasers mounted on it to create holographic imagery in front of the face, if that’s possible. Or maybe wear a helmet with a pull down visor on it containing a monitor. The CPU could possibly be contained in the helmet or as a light backpack. I was thinking back then that eventually one could use will and thought alone to control input into the computer with the development of a pickup device that might be able to sense brainwaves/intention or whatever in the user. The user would likely have to do training similar to biofeedback in order to train to “mentally input” into the computer. Or, another way to go would be to have a split, flat keyboard zipped into the front part of a vest that would be worn with the tops of both sides of the keyboard meeting at the button line in the middle of the torso so that one could keyboard data while walking, or pull the keyboard out of the vest and set it on a table. With the idea I had of discarding the keyboard completely and being able to mentally think, or intend queries as input, I wondered about one day receiving computer feedback to my queries as fast as I could visualize or formulate them. At this part of my thinking I was probably going on to develop this as yet another science fiction story, probably never to be written. My idea of where the answers to my computer quires would come from would be a giant repository of all the worlds’ knowledge, stored on disc in some hollowed out mountain and heavily guarded. And of course access would have to be wireless.

Just recently I had more thoughts on a monitor set up for this computer costume. Going back to a few months after this first visualization say, I had the idea of creating single piece goggles to fit over each eye. I had thought that I would like to try wearing contact lenses again, but my eyes would always get irritated by smoke or dust in the air while wearing contacts before. I eventually made some of these goggles ten years later, but never figured out the problem of correcting curvature for vision, or if it were possible to do so with a goggle. The goggles need to be custom made to fit each person. My idea was to provide a number of insect eye patterns to laser etch onto the exterior of the lens. When I put on one I had painted black, it looked like the eyes of those alien black eyes that are probably most depicted for yer general alien.

I had a recent idea of using these goggles as digital monitors, hooked in as a peripheral device on the wearable computer.

The question I have is whether the eye can focus on a monitor 5/8 to 3/4 inches away even with a correctional lens between the eye and the screen. If this is possible, will there be any strain on the eyes?

The goggles/monitors also double as glasses. It finally struck me that I could rig up a couple of cams on the old helmet for 3d vision. The inside of the goggles would be the monitor screens and each cam would tie in with each goggle. In an optometrist office about a decade ago I looked into a machine that determined my vision by somehow analyzing the focus of my eyes while looking at letters it displayed. Cams on my goggle monitors could use this technology to direct the cams on the helmet to focus where the eye intends them.

The cool thing though would be to record everything as an option in your life, like being able to save video of the time you made three balls in a row on the pool table, or play back the night before to see what the girl you met last night really looked like.

Reward: Compute Suits/goggles for me and my friends for all models and updated versions for ever.

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