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By tree
Hi, I'm Tree, a new member. I am a little confused about catagories, so feel free to set me straight if this idea submission is in the wrong place.

I plan on making the following object, but I would like to share the idea with others.

I do not like to use my laptop finger slippy mouse, so I use a wireless mouse for laptops. I like to use it while sitting in a chair, watching tv, rather than at a desk, so I put a mouspad on a book, and rest that on the arm of the chair, or on my lap to use the wirless mouse. I usually have the laptop on a tv tray. When I need to get up from the chair, I lay the book, mousepad, and wireless mouse combination down on another surface, then stand up. Quite often during this process, my expensive wireless mouse falls to the floor because I tend to be absent minded and careless.

My idea is to glue a mousepad to a thin hard surface board about the size of a clipboard. I will make a 3 or 4 inch pocket across the bottom of the board with a stretchy material, such as naugahide, and duck tape it down at the bottom and at the sides on the back. I will be able to slide the wireless mouse into the pouch when I wish to lay the mouseboard down. Pretty peachy, huh! I look forward to making this for myself, but would rather be able to go into an OfficeMax store and buy it. That's all- and smiles to everyone.

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