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By Peacenik
Here's an idea... a voting system for the world. A voter-moderated system that lets anyone put forth their idea and have everyone else vote on whether they agree or not. A voting system that reaches everyone in the world... a Global Voting System (GVS).

Just imagine what we could do with a system like that... we could let every single person's voice be heard. We could use it to find out the consensus on issues affecting us locally, regionally, nationally and globally. A GVS could spread real democracy – the kind where we all get a say - to everywhere in the world.

We could define a protocol for the specifics of the GVS, like how to create ballots and casts votes, and well as specifics for creating computer software to connect to the GVS network. The GVS system itself would open-source to make it transparent as well as dynamic, to ensure it can adapt to new technology and new ideas

GVS software could be installed on machines all around the world, and a local GVS network would be created by connecting to peers, using an algorithm that allows for decentralized connections (like how some p2p software works). The world-wide network created by all the interconnected computers running the GVS program would be the world's GVS network, and people anywhere would be able to tap into it via their local network.

Voting would take place from local voting machines, or maybe even from home or via cell phones. A security check could ensure uniqueness while keeping identities hidden. Once logged in, one could receive new ballots and then be able to place vote either for, or against a ballot (or abstain).

Any ideas that you like, you give it a positive vote. Anything you don't like, you can vote down. The more positive votes a ballot receives, the more it is seen by more and more people. That way, for, say, a global issue to reach the whole world, it would have already been screened by a large amount of the world's population.

Creating ballots could be done by anyone... just pick a target area, be it local, regional, national or global. Input your idea, and then see if everyone else agrees or not. If others like the idea, then they would vote up the issue, and as it gained in popularity, it could ultimately be voted on by the entire area.

Sure, language can pose a barrier, but faster and better automatic translators are being developed for more and more languages. And sure, security would be an never-ending issue, but just like with spyware and viruses, we would have try and be one step head of malicious use. As long as the GVS stays open-source and free, it can overcome any obstacle with the support of enough people.

And while the results won't have concrete ramifications (at least not at first), it will let those in power – those who make decisions – see what it is the people really want. By empowering every single person, the GVS can disperse the decision making power that is currently concentrated in the hands of the few.

More importantly, a GVS will let people all over the world see that others in the world are not so different after all. We will be able to see that, despite our differences, there are some things that a large percentage of the world agrees on. As we come to recognize our roles as citizens in the global village, A GVS could even go on to unite the voice of the human race.

Self-serving politicians, unjust legislation, corrupt governments, tyrants, dictatorships, powerful global institutions, extreme poverty, war, and unnecessary suffering... these are the things our world's leaders give us. We can all do better than this. We all deserve better this.

We should make a Global Voting System a reality.

GVS Wiki @ ... tingSystem

Reward: If a GVS were established, I would be able to live in a truly democratic world.

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