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Hello there!
First of all, let me introduce myself- My name is Daniel Fawcett, I am 16 years of age and live in the UK. I am a big fan of new ideas, but never really create any. I notice many ideas would eventually benieft the creator, or the fat cat at the top. My idea is revoultionary. I do not intend to help our modern society within the MEDCs. I hope to help those in the LEDCs.

The following has been written by myself recently. I believe my description to be of an adequate amount to put my idea across in lucid terms.


Perhaps I am slightly cynical; but is it possible that human beings in this selfish and materialistic world could establish a system that helps alleviate the poverty and plight of others in third-world countries?

This project is aimed to do exactly that. Although it will not benefit the pioneers wealth wise, it will increase the quality of life, and prolong the life of those who we don’t see, yet know about- those in third-world countries.

I believe that although charity boxes and charitable organisations are effective and worthwhile, they are not used on the scale they should be. I have taken this thought in mind and considered it the next notch up to what we have today. This project is immense, and because of this the results will be mirrored.

This project is designed to help the population work together towards fighting poverty as a whole- and will be a constant reminder of those who are less fortunate. I hope to see an increase in help and support, and hope that this project fortifies the moral scruples that this country possesses.

Recently, Warren Buffet donated a staggering $37 Billion Us dollars (£20billion sterling). If only a small fraction of that money had gone into a project like this I see it as having the same, if not increased effects.

Welcome to my project – Regeneration
The non-charitable organisation


Regeneration is an organisation aimed to alleviate poverty in third-world countries. It does this by opening up a chain of supermarkets throughout a particular country, or worldwide

These supermarkets will sell the same products and brands (excluding home-brands) that supermarkets such as Walmart, ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have today, more or less. Items will again arrange from clothing, to books, to groceries, to toiletries etc. Similarly, the prices will remain around about the same price. Nothing similar to a product will have extortionate, ridiculous prices that consumers are not willing to pay for.

You may be thinking that this sounds like a regular supermarket- similar in size, prices and items for sale. However, there is a big difference. Unlike the stores we have today, Regeneration will be a non-profit making organisation. In supermarkets such as ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s the profit made goes to the fat cats at the top; shareholders etc, whereas with Regeneration all profit made would go directly to charities. The only money not going to charity will be the money required to pay staff fees and the ensure the clean and modern upkeep of the building et cetera. The rest of the money however, the profit, goes directly to a group of chosen and relevant charities.

Regeneration is all about advocating the help we should give third-world countries. It is about the moral integrity we all (should) have. Because of this, I hope to have a full range of products in the store- not only the popular family favourites, but also a range of organic and fair-trade products. A separate area for these items should be considered.

Throughout the store constant reminders should be made about the help the customers are giving to others. Posters and quotes should be placed throughout the store. The customers should be made aware of the help being given- e.g. ‘ £100’000 went to CAFOD last month. £0 went to the pioneers’ – or something to that effect. I hope that Regeneration advertises a lot- hopefully for cut fees from supplying companies on Television and in Magazines. Regeneration should be made known throughout the country.

Other additions should also be made to ensure maximum amount of charity money being made- a clean welcoming and friendly atmosphere, cash machines available outside, a large range of products being offered, money boxes at the tills, regular upkeep, customer recommendations and information desk. Leaflets should be available concerning the charities being helped so again customers are aware of the help they are giving.

Regeneration should also focus on the importance of recycling- so recycling symbols should be placed on more items more often- perhaps having recycling facilities nearby, or small things like having a small bin designated for unwanted receipts.

The money needed to found the new supermarket(s) could be donated by philanthropists (Warren Buffet is an exemplary philanthropist), be collected by the nation as a whole (a mandatory donation), or should be sponsored by mega-companies willing to help (sponsors).

I hope you can all see my massive idea. I can't see why this would fail. Please let me know. Regards, Daniel.

Reward: I would like to hear of the idea being used, or based upon and perhaps have an active participation within the company to help.

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