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If a hard toilet seat could be made from a substance (e.g. hard soap) that reacts with all bacteria and viruses, instantly killing them, and then absorb the moisture, you would be able to sit on any public restroom toilet seat safely.

The seat could be made from a soap-like material like a urinal cake, only harder and dryer to absorb moisture and kill diseases and germs. Eventually, the seat would need to be replaced, being worn down by moisture absorbtion, and degrade to a solid base.

Toilet seats are very easy to screw on and off for ease of up-keep. They could be scented like urinal cakes or flowers, etc. This defeats paper seat covers, since paper does not kill germs or diseases, and the seat would be dry, and you wouldn't have to try and ride the paper and go at the same time.

Reward: One with my name on it...

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