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Interactive training sessions using cable TV connections.

Internet connections and bandwidths are of major concerns in remote and sub urban areas. In developing countries there is a maximum limit on the download/upload speeds and there is a charge involved in additional data being transferred. So process intensive tasks like video streaming, web casts and online training sessions becomes a pain. This is from internet end.

From the cable TV and telecast end, it is an asynchronous or streaming process where the programs cannot be made interactive nor could it be rewound if anything is missed, but the communication is smooth with no overheads and botheration of data jamming or upload/downloads.

If these 2 technologies can be integrated as one the sessions can be made more interactive, taking advantage of the live telecasts with no data transfers headaches of the complete stream and also make it interactive by messaging techniques that can go from the local TV / Computer to the studio for questions and answers. There are few different ways it could be achieved.

This technique is somewhat achieved using the set top box where the program is switched from the operator end through the request signals for channels sent from the domestic set top box to the operator.

This could be further enhanced to make interactive session on live TV programs at the studios as follows.

1. Use the conventional TV Set or a TV tuner with a home computer.
2. TV tuner in a home computer / Media center is advantageous since it can record programs as it goes and play back.
3. The live training session or programs gets telecasted from the studio or the cable TV operator’s domestic studio.
4. At the same time the signals used for channel requests could be enhanced to transmit a message typed or in the form of voice back to the studio if the bandwidth is sufficient enough. However proper security and filtering measures would be needed.
5. This would have advantage of having periodic training programs and interactive sessions with no need for heavy downloads or streaming.

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