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I did research, and some guy tells us how his computerized, complex and expensive snore alarm, to wake everyone but the snorer, is supposed to help. With a specific voice that activates a device of any kind you can program it to do anything when it even hears a similar noise. Just using a cheap old voice activated alarm would do, since this guy doesn't know any thing about sleep.

I had a sleep apnea test done at a hospital for two days with equipment worth millions of dollars, and the only problem snorers have is that they reach about 2 to 3 cycles of brain activity (heavy sleep), and the brain goes into dream states of REM sleep which wrinkles the tongue and vibrates the air passing through throat and mouth, forcing you to breath through your nose.

As soon as you lean over, to turn off the alarm, it will take the rest of the night to be back to snoring, once you come up to about 8 cycles of sleep. So we just make the alarm hard to turn off or set it away from the bed, so you have to get up to turn it off.

The other designs I studied know tons about electronic schematics, but nothing about actual sleep, so cutting your 8 hour night into two four hour good sleeps ratios is still good sleep and without snoring you will be better rested. They say you can't wake a snorer out of sleep, without them doing it again immediately, only I snore and tests tell me I don't after waking up to full awakeness. This would be a cheap, available and logical alternative to what designers are ripping people off with, since none of the few have proven their designs are even feasible yet.

Reward: A snore activated alarm that has a light bulb on top to illuminate the room! That'll wake me up!

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