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By AaronBurns
So far you must feed a special and expensive food that takes a long time to lower the weight of your pet by having a low calorie nutrition food plan. I propose we add a "Fat Burner Pill" type of medicine that humans take and adapt a treat that not only tastes good, but is an actual fat burner, to quickly save your pets from obesity, eliminating needs for a bad tasting or low calorie diet, which they might refuse to eat, and letting your pet loose weight as fast as a human and still enjoy their daily meals.

A treat given each day at a recommended daily dosage (around three cookies or beefy treats) and let our pets stay in bliss, while bringing it up safely like we all want too eat and live. This could save pets who may not be able to loose weight fast enough on reduced calorie intake, due to disease or condition, much like my pets who come sick from the animal shelter where they would be put down: Killed for being sick, fat, and unwanted.

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