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By M__e
"ImpactExposure" is a concept of reciprocal benefit projected through a Christian Belief that selflessness should be the motive behind character and business development. The concept sounds idealistic in its' descript but it's business directives are sound. Choosing a product or service descriptive domain name to describe the content of an internet business website is the first step in a 3 step process of eventual revenue generation and positive contribution. This 'product descriptive' domain name can be acquired from "ImpactExposure". The second step within the process of business development is the acquisition of required 'hosting' that enables the creativity and operations management of the business website to occur. 'Hosting'and necessary 'design and business' softwares can be acquired from "LifesHost(ing)". The final step in the business development process is twofold. The marketing and advertising of the completed business website, as well as the ability to provide access, or impact exposure, for persons to the products and services available is the main focus. Creating a portal, or parking website where 'ALL' developed business websites can share exposure to each other and a common accessibility capability through a recognizable association factor is the key. This 'recognizable association' can be achieved by creating a single environment of access known as "FillUs". The appropriate descriptive marketing phrase could be "FillUs FillsUs". The key to the eventual success of the numerous websites that are part of the "FillUs' business community is in how success is measured and distributed. Although all the websites on "FillUs" have a shared accessiblity factor and common exposure to internet traffic, each business website is its' own entity. Consequently, whatever its' success capability is, the revenue generation associated to this success belongs to the owner of that particular business site. The philosophy or purpose of "ImpactExposure" is to provide a reciprocal benefit to those most in need, that is gauged by the success associated to the business website. In simplest terms, the more successful a business is, or becomes, the more that it contributes to the worthy, or charitable, 'Cause' of choice. The choice of worthy 'Cause' or charitable organization'is entirely up to the business website owner. This 'distribution' factor can be accomplished by a simple PPC or pay per click method of tracking. As internet traffic to a specific business website increases, and consequent sales increase on that website, the greater the contribution to just 'Cause' is made from that business owner. This is reciprocal Christian benefit that exemplifies the selflessness that Jesus exhibited in His Being. It is Christian accountability and action applied to a business perspective that benefits those most in need. I would like to hear persons' perspectives on this concept and any suggestions to improve on this idea will be seriously contemplated. God Bless All

Reward: ImpactExposure and knowledge of responsible contribution.

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