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We all know that plants produce nutrients from photosynthesis and minerals from the ground and cannot produce cholesterol. So, how in the heck do some plants create foods containing "fat" from sun and dirt?

Plant genetics are simple to modify. I have a pear tree with four different kinds of pears growing on it from four grafts. We can cross breed our favorite fatty plants like nuts, avacados, and other favorites to be fat free (combining similar foods not containing any fat). Then we can process the item with artificial fats that are healthy, like Olestra, or lessen the bad qualities. We add to the fat free nuts other more benificial fat flavorings.

For those on very strict diets we add no fat and make the world a healthier place. We should also change the allergens and breed them out, so everyone can have a feeling of safety without an allergy attack which can be fatal.

Reward: A free degree in DNA and RNA and Botany so I can explain this correctly!

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