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By beau
I was thinking about the nit plague at the local school and all of the nasty chemicals they were using on the children. I thought of a small steel comb or a comb that could conduct electricity.This comb could have two photovoltaic solar cells on it or on the handle of the comb. The same cells that are on small calculators. These cells would electrify the comb, and when the nit or the eggs were combed and either touched the steel, a short would occur killing the nit. Now I must say I am not electrically minded and even think this invention might need another part to work, but it sounded alright to me in theory. What do you think?

Reward: 1 comb
By beau
I am sorry you feel that way.Actually I have done some research on this idea and in theory it could work. three solar cells 1.5 volts and another part which you do not deserve to know.And there is a market.
So whos the stupik F now boys.

Can you please show me your patented ideas or even the real inventions you have on the market .Example the product .How many units of this product you have sold The amount of money you have made from your product.In your case it sounds like products because your so critical.

Thomas edison had to put up with people like you I dont even know why the forum administrators let people like you on this board.OH yes I do .Its to give the real inventors more determination to finish and develop their products .

And please look up this in a psychology book.

Superior LOW self esteem.
good day gentlemen

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