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By oopsla
In the park we have dispensers that users fill with plastic grocery bags to be used to pick up dog waste. Kids find these dispensers great for batting practice and so they are no more. I created a no cost replacement.

You take an empty 2 or 3 litre bottle. Using a chop saw or table saw you cut off the very bottom. This leaves a star shaped hole. This shape, in a sense, creates 5 fingers that hold the plastic bags in. You stuff the bags in the bottle. Drill one or two holes in the lid and run a sturdy string through it. You tie it up in the park where the old dispenser was. People simply pull the bags out from the bottom. The great feature about this is that the bags stay dry through all sorts of weather and EVERYTHING is made from recyclable materials.

I keep an extra bottle at the house and fill it as I get bags. If the posted bottle is empty, you simply twist the bottle off and twist on the new bottle. I can send picks if anyone is interested.

Reward: Hopefully I won't be stepping in dog doo-doo everytime I go to te park.

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