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By beau
:-° I am currently making a water filter with sand from a local creek ,some smal round rocks and some carbon.this carbon is very fine and dusty. The idea is to thre inches of stones thee inches of carbon andthree inches of sand in a 44gallon drum until it is twelve inches from the top.Then let the water run throuh it very slowly.Pretty simple stuff.
It got me thinking if carbon can filter minute particles it shouuld be able to filter farts because i know people who have farted and their fart hangs around for a while on the floor.minute particle .Anyway What do you think about putting a small electric motor near the seat of the toilet and when the person sits on the seat it activates the motor whick sucks the air into a small carbon filter somewhere near the toilet seat...or even still put a little hose coming out from the toilet and into the wall cavity. I hate farts and stinky toilets :-°

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