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By bselab
Instead of finding ways to keep the government sponsored monopolies ( read energy companies/suppliers) to make their production "cheaper", why hasn't anyone attempted to develop a home energy device for the homeowner/consumer. With todays technology (ie the general motors new "Firewire" nitrogen powered automobile which can, purportedly, supply enough electrical power for half a city block of homes), it seems to me that a small device could be produced that would make energy companies obsolete by allowing homeowners to produce their own energy on site. We have the technology and such a device would revolutionize energy production worldwide. It is time consumers started to look at putting their hard earned money into their own pockets instead of energy companies who continually raise the cost of production and pass it along to the consumers.
All of the windmills and such could be replaced by a relatively small package about the size of an air conditioner unit. If mass-produced correctly, it would, eventually, be no more expensive than a computer system. As the inevitable rise of clean automobiles using the same technology, fuel would be supplied by the same unit. It would be just one more step to becoming totally independent users of energy.
The people/company that manages to produce such a device will, I predict, make Bill Gates look like a pauper.

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