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For this invention i'll need:
-Old rusty gas tank
-Old Beater Car
-Some duck tape
-A Nuclear Core reactor from a Shuttle
-A Plastic Bag
-and a large patch of hair

First: take the old rusy gas tank and place it on the ground.
Second: use the Silverware to Rip out the nuclear core reactor from the shuttle and place it in the plastic bag.
Third: Take the Nuclear Core reactor and attach it to the Gas tank with some duck tape.
Fourth: Place the Gas Tank in the Car and Clog the muffler with the hair.

The ducktape is a durable tape so it is gauranteed to keep the two objects stay attached and the Hair will act as a plug so the Nuclear Radiation won't get out.

P.S. Before you take the Nuclear Core Reactor out of the Shuttle (with the silverware) make sure your wearing gloves.

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