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I am desperate (and I know many others as well) for a product that you can switch on in your property which would cancel noise from neighbouring properties, such as heavy-duty bass vibrating around your home, constant barking dogs or screaming and shouting neighbours. I would dearly love someone to make such a product and I would be one of the first to purchase it!

If someone could come up with this product he/she would probably become the richest person in the world within a year. After suffering for a number of years with the most severe noise nuisance possible, followed by individuals eventually being evicted. Others are not so loud but are still selfish in their desire to play their music as loud as they want, regardless of anyone else. I was going to write to Boese about it but then came across this website.
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By AaronBurns
I recently submitted an idea to cancel out certain frequencies and pitches of sound so that you can properly hear your audio input with out distortion from your neighboor.
A set of differently shaped rubber oblong ear shapers connected comfortably around the front to each side.
This changes the sounds you hear and the ones you can't hear clearly.
This should work fine.
The only other answer would be an expensive set of head phones to electronically change sound by dial-a-sound technology. ;-D
Thanks for your reply.
Sorry for the delay but only became aware of your posting today.

Since my last post I saw a Bose rep and contacted the man working on the "silence machine" but apparerntly its too expensive to be a domestic product.

In the mean time neighbour has been evicted.
thanks again

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